Islamic Information Center UW

The University of Waterloo's hub for Islamic da'wah.


Spreading the Message of Islam on Campus

The Islamic Information Center of the University Waterloo (IICUW) focuses on promoting the intercultural diversity amongst society in Canada by enhancing interfaith tolerance and relationship through the improved perception of Islam. The IICUW strives to provide the local community with accurate and unbiased information regarding the principles of Islam. In order to achieve this noble aim, the IICUW facilitates the awareness of Islam by providing the following services:

Free resources

The IIC offers free resources, including pamphlets, booklets, and translated copies of the Holy Quran.

1-on-1 sessions

The IIC holds 1-on-1 sessions, where you can ask knowledgeable Muslims any questions you have about Islam.

Educational events

The IIC also holds exciting educational events tailored for those new or learning about Islam. Make sure you attend!


The IIC offers long term guidance and support for new Muslims, including social outings and Islamic circles, to foster a strong sense of community.